Tax Prep Services

Tax Preparation Services 

Tax services with K.A.D. Alliance go well beyond meeting quarterly and annual deadlines. We take a proactive approach to tax planning to ensure your well-being all year long and help you reduce your tax burdens.

We are experienced in all aspects of tax preparation, planning, compliance, and negotiation with taxing authorities. We understand the intricacies of today's changing laws and regulations and can assist in evaluating alternatives that will help you make informed decisions that help you meet your professional and personal objectives. We offer:

  • Tax return preparation and review

  • Electronic tax filing that gets you a refund faster

  • Tips for adjusting your withholdings so you maximize your paycheck

  • Identification of deductions that might limit your tax liability next year


Small Business Tax Preparation? That’s Our Specialty

We help small business in the San Ramon area with year-round tax services:

  • We prepare bookkeeping for the year

  • We prepare Schedule C and personal income tax returns

  • We keep your books in shape with simple, easy to follow systems